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from Ellen Daly

Five Tips for Sustaining a New Year’s Writing Resolution

Did you know that as many as 40% of Americans make New Year's Resolutions, but fewer than 8% will actually succeed? While it doesn’t figure in the Top 10 most common resolutions, one of the resolutions I tend to hear from people I meet is “I’m going to get my book...

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3 Ways to “Slow Down” Your Writing

I had lunch today with a new client who was having trouble writing on his blog. He had no shortage of ideas and was good at explaining them person-to-person, but found that when he sat down to write, the results were dense, hard to follow, and inaccessible to people...

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Is the Publishing Industry Thriving?

This month's issue of the New Republic is dedicated to the theme of books, with a special feature section entitled "The Book Industry Is Thriving! Somehow." It's well worth a read for anyone who cares about books, and presents interesting evidence that the book has...

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5 Ways To Start Building Your Platform Today

Following my last post, What Is An Author Platform?, here are some low-cost, practical tips for how you can start platform building. Map Your Network This one’s fun. Get some sticky notes, and find a big empty surface (I prefer a large whiteboard, so I can draw on it...

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What Is An Author Platform?

If you’ve even dipped a toe into the waters of publishing, you’ve likely heard the word “platform” being thrown about. Publishers don’t buy books anymore, we’re told. They buy platforms. So what exactly is a platform, and how can you, an aspiring author, build a...

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Of Myths & Misattributions

I recently went through the rather painful process of rechecking the endnote citations for the second edition of a book I worked on many years ago—back when I was younger and more naive about the veracity of things found on the internet. As I suspected, some of the...

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